The War of Regulatory Protections


08 Aug The War of Regulatory Protections

The New York Times recently looked into the Trump administration's “deregulation teams.” In February, President Donald Trump issued an executive order calling on each federal agency to form a team to dismantle regulations. According to the Times, the administration has tapped many industry insiders to lead the process. “In all, there are now 85 known current and former team members, including 34 with potential conflicts,” the Times reported. Allowing corporate cronies to deregulate their own industries is bad for working people.

Message of the Day—The War on Regulatory Protections

  • The Trump administration, along with the Republican leadership in Congress and their allies, has launched a war on regulation.
  • These attacks threaten more than 50 years of labor, health, safety, financial, consumer, environmental and other laws and safeguards that have protected working people on the job and made Americans safer, healthier and more secure.
  • The labor movement has been at the forefront of efforts to win the legal framework to ensure a fair, just society that protects workers and the public.
  • We will fight to defend these hard-won gains.


Kitchen Table Economics

The number of worker safety protections the Trump administration has stopped from moving forward.

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