Author: Javier Gonzalez


05 Feb Meet Julio Perez

Have you ever heard of the Spanish Word “Ganas?" The Spanish word “ganas” is best translated into English into the words “will” or “desire.” It is also the best way to describe the Orange County Labor Federation’s Executive Director, Julio Perez. Having “ganas” is not just about wanting something though, it is more about working your butt of for it! “Orange County ranks 4th in the number of millionaires we have. There is no reason why workers in Orange County should not be sharing in that wealth and prosperity.” It is clear Julio learned his “ganas” from his working class family in the working class barrio of Tijuanita, Anaheim. Just under the shadow of the mammoth Disneyland resort Julio’s entire neighborhood marveled at the wealth and prosperity of Disneyland while their families struggled to make ends meet. Born to immigrant parents from Jalisco, Mexico, Julio quickly learned the value of hard work and community. It has led the direction he has chosen to take his life in. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Julio began his career at the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) as a policy analyst where he worked to implement labor standards, living wages and responsible contracting at local municipalities.  But Julio caught his political bug working at Strengthening Our Lives (SOL), at the time the largest Latino political action committee in the nation. After several important victories at SOL Julio took his first Union job at SEIU’s United Health Care Workers West as a political organizer where he saw first hand the interception between quality pay and standards for health care workers and quality health care for all of us. In 2009 Julio became the Political Director at the Orange County Labor Federation under Tefere Gebre then the Executive Director. But Sometimes Julio’s gains take him too far and in 2012 Julio ran for California’s 69th Assembly District seat falling just a few hundred votes of shocking the Calif0ornia Political establishment. Thankfully, Julio is still here with us doing the more important work of building a powerful labor federation. After Tefere’s appointment as a National Executive Office at the AFL of CIO, Julio’s “ganas” proved to be what the Orange County Labor Federation needed  in a new Executive Director. Julio sees his job very simply, “there is no reason all workers in Orange County should be sharing in the wealth and prosperity of the 4th wealthiest county in America.” Julio has a collaborative and fresh view of his role, especially here in Orange County.  Julio’s commitment to the progressive movement is seen through his work developing cooperative partnerships and coalitions throughout Orange County. In the past Julio has served on the board of El Centro Cultural de Mexico, being a founding member of the OC Immigration Coalition, Los Amigos de Orange County, AD 69th Delegate for the Democratic Party, OC RISE-UP, Chancellor’s Latino Advisory Committee for the North Orange County Community College District, the Institute for Mexicans Abroad, working as an advisor to Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations and many others. Julio currently serves of the Board of Directors of OCCORD, the Orange County Workforce Investment Board, Vice Chair of the Labor Caucus for the California Democratic Party, is VP of the Young Workers of California and serves on the Strategic Planning Committee for both the California Labor Federation and the AFL-CIO....

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14 Jan Candidate Academy -CHANGE OF LOCATION-

Our next Candidate Academy is scheduled for Thursday, March 3rd at 4:30pm-8pm at the OCEA hall in Santa Ana.  As you are aware, our Candidate Academy is an important tool for us to keep our COPE endorsed candidates informed of our issues. We realize that not every candidate understands the issues facing organized labor and working families. Our candidate academy is designed to familiarize candidates with the political and policy priorities of working families throughout Orange County.  If you or someone you know is interested in receiving an endorsement or recommendation for endorsement by the Orange County Labor Federation, you must attend at least one academy session. Attached you will find a flyer to distribute. To RSVP, contact Joline Cruz at (714) 385-1534.  If you have any questions feel free to contact our office.  Dinner and refreshments will be provided. ...

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J Napolitano

03 Dec End Sexual Harassment and Assault at the University of California!

Please support our University of California Sisters and Brothers fighting sexual harassment and assault at our California Public University system. UAW 5810 President Anke Schennink is fighting to protect her 6,000 postdoctoral researchers members at the University of California. Here is the message from President Schennink: "Along with our sister union, UAW 2865, the union for teaching assistants, tutors and readers at the UC, we have launched a petition calling on UC President Janet Napolitano and the University to immediately reform its sexual harassment and sexual assault policies. The recent Geoff Marcy case - in which UC Berkeley gave astronomy professor Marcy a mere slap on the wrist despite an investigation that found Marcy guilty of decades-long sexual harassment of students - is the latest in a long line of sexual harassment and sexual assault cases in which the University of California has failed in its responsibility to provide a safe learning and work space for students and employees. Despite widespread outrage, the UC has not committed to sufficient changes to its procedure in addressing sexual harassment and sexual assault claims, nor in addressing root causes such as gender inequity in academia. UAW locals 2865 and 5810 (who collectively represent over 20,000 employees at UC) are demanding change to the university’s ineffective policy.  As all of you are aware, even in a situation as dire as this one, the employer will only respond when massive public pressure is applied." Please sign and share this petition and share with your membership and allies as well as posting it on your social media like Facebook and Twitter, so that we might communicate to President Napolitano and the whole UC the moral imperative to implement tangible and immediate change. ...

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19 Nov Bienvenidos Eduardo “Lalo” Garcia

Felicidades al nuevo miembro del equipo OCLF. Eduardo "Lalo" García coordinando el Centro de Trabajadores Inmigrantes Federaciones. Hecho posible por una subvención a la OCLF, el centro busca educar a los trabajadores inmigrantes sobre sus derechos. La cabeza de la Federación Julio Pérez destacó la importancia del centro de nueva creación para todos los trabajadores, "Los trabajadores inmigrantes son una parte clave de la economía y la fuerza de trabajo en el Condado de Orange. Tenemos que asegurarnos de que protejamos los salarios y las condiciones del trabajo de todos. Sobre todo, a los más vulnerables." Lalo se mantendrá en el Consejo Ejecutivo de SEIU USWW donde representa los janitors de Union aquí en el condado de Orange. De hecho, Lalo era parte de la clase original de conserjes que sindicalizados en 2002. Sólo que participan de forma remota hasta una queja salarial que dio lugar a represarías, Lalo se ha convertido en un pilar fundamental en la Justicia para el movimiento de Conserje, así como las batallas más grandes de pie para el pequeño individuo/a. "Siempre he admirado a la gente que ayudan a otros, ahora estoy feliz es mi turno ayudar a los demás. Quiero que los trabajadores inmigrantes entiendan que tienen un valor, todos lo tenemos. Los trabajadores inmigrantes merecen ser compensados adecuadamente por su trabajo. Ese es el trabajo que construye riqueza para los empleadores y que nadie debe ser estafado o mal pagado. "Estoy muy emocionado con esta oportunidad " -Eduardo "Lalo" García. Lalo no es ajeno a la Federación o sus actividades. Es posible que mas lo recuerde a Lalo como el hombre que siempre andaba tocando un tambor en las marchas y protestas. Lalo explica: "Los tambores son parte de nuestro patrimonio. Ellos nos motivan y anunciar nuestra presencia - los tambores son nuestro latido del corazón "Por eso Lalo le gusta decir, "si no hay batería, no es una marcha-los …Al menos para mi." Tambor o sin tambor, el los 15 años de residente en Santa Ana, y originario de Puente de la Isla, Morelos estará educando a los inmigrantes de sus derechos, los trabajadores de capacitación sobre la forma de organizar y recoger el pago retroactivo. Si su experiencia como delegado sindical y miembro del consejo ejecutivo es una indicación, los trabajadores de OC tienen un administrador muy capaz de sus derechos en Lalo....

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