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22 Nov Lots to be thankful for

The AFL-CIO is thankful for every working person who makes our labor movement strong. We wish each of you a safe, happy and healthy holiday season. We’ll be back after Thanksgiving. Message of the Day - Lots to be Thankful For Approval of labor unions is the highest since 2003. Working family candidates had a big Election Day. Labor apprenticeship programs are helping women and people of color climb the ladder to better jobs. Working people continue to win organizing and contract campaigns from coast to coast. Congressional Democrats included a strong workers’ rights platform in their “Better Deal” agenda. Kitchen Table Economics 51 million: The number of Americans who will be traveling over the next few days, many with the help of hardworking union members. Take Action Protect Immigrant Workers!       Source: The Labor Wire, AFL-CIO...

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17 Nov Make trade work for workers

THE LABOR WIRE AFL-CIO As negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement resume today, it has never been clearer that working people must transform this trade agreement, which is actually more of an investment agreement to outsource jobs, into a good trade agreement meant to increase wages and create better jobs. America’s labor movement is committed to making trade work for working people. Message of the Day - Make Trade Work for Workers As the NAFTA negotiations reach a crossroads, a few good proposals have been outweighed by bad ones, including: Making prescription medicine more expensive. Leaving personal information such as Social Security numbers and employment history unprotected by changing rules on cross-border data flow. Ending country-of-origin labels for pork and beef. As bad as those proposals are, the failure to bring forward good reforms is even worse. The most important is the absence of new rules to protect worker freedoms so people can form unions and negotiate for better pay and benefits. It’s time for America’s trade agreements to level the playing field between workers and corporations by ensuring that all three NAFTA countries abide by basic international labor standards so all workers can form or join unions to negotiate to raise wages. Working families are fighting to make NAFTA benefit working people, not just corporations and the rich. Kitchen Table Economics 930,000: That’s how many jobs corporate CEOs have shipped away from the United States by using the investor-friendly outsourcing rules under NAFTA. Take Action Tell Congress to oppose NAFTA rules that encourage corporate power grabs Multinational corporations are trying to make sure that the new North American Free Trade Agreement includes a way for them to sue our government if it passes laws that protect working people that conflict with the companies' ability to turn a better profit. Working families have borne the brunt of this terrible trade deal for the past 25 years. Our next trade agreement cannot be made without taking working people into account.                   Source: The Labor Wire, AFL-CIO...

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14 Nov Fighting Tax Cuts for the Rich

America’s labor movement is focused on fighting the $1.5 trillion tax cut from the House GOP because it would reward outsourcing, slow down economic growth and overburden the middle class. It’s time for Congress to tax Wall Street and CEOs to create jobs, build vital infrastructure and prepare our people for the work ahead. Message of the Day—Fighting Tax Cuts for the Rich The AFL-CIO and our allies are fighting for tax and budget policies that meet the needs of working people. Real tax reform will close the loopholes that give massive tax breaks to companies that outsource jobs and profits, and require millionaires and Wall Street to pay their fair share. Responsible lawmakers will use tax revenue to create good jobs for working people now and in the future, while still funding critically important programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The $1.5 trillion tax cut hailed by House Republican leaders isn’t reform. It’s just another giveaway to the rich and powerful, while working people pay the tab. Kitchen Table Economics No: That’s the answer to this question: Will the $1.5 trillion House GOP tax cut create jobs? Take Action Tell Congress to Reject the GOP Tax Bill!         Source:  The Labor Wire, AFL-CIO...

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MEDIA ADVISORY FOR THURSDAY, NOV. 9 Contact: Kathia Canlas 714.385.1534 Cell 714.883.5744   LABOR LEADERS, WORKERS URGE REJECTION OF TRUMP TAX BREAKS FOR WEALTHY   ORANGE, CA - The Orange County Labor Federation (OCLF) will host a press conference in response to the Trump-GOP Tax plan that provides the wealthy with massive tax breaks at the expense of the middle class and working people. The Trump-GOP tax bill is a job killer that gives billions of dollars in tax breaks to companies that profit and outsource jobs. American Federation of Teachers international president Randi Weingarten will join California Labor Federation leader Art Pulaski and workers from Orange County to urge Orange County members of Congress to reject this ill-conceived proposal.   The OCLF, alongside 90+ labor unions, faith and community allies stand with working families and will fight every attempt by the Trump administration to cut services and programs that working families rely on, such as healthcare, social security, Pell Grants and financial aid to help students afford college by taking money out of the pockets of working families by slashing taxes for millionaires and billionaires.   WHAT: Press conference to stop Trump tax cuts for wealthy WHEN: Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 11:00 AM WHERE: OC Labor Federation, 309 N. Rampart St. Suite A, Orange, CA 92868 WHY: To respond to Trump -GOP Tax Bill and to put a spotlight on the giveaways to the wealthiest in the country.   # # #   If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kathia Canlas at 714.385.1534 or email at About the OCLF – The Orange County Labor Federation represents more than ninety local unions from every sector of the labor movement with a membership of more than 200,000 working men and women. The Orange County Labor Federation strives to better the lives of all workers. Chartered in 1929 by the AFL-CIO, the Federation is the official regional body that brings together unions from different sectors to fight for decent wages, safe working conditions, strong communities and upward mobility for our communities....

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06 Nov Stop GOP Giveaways to the Rich

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas, this morning as yet another American community is reeling from the horror of gun violence. We salute the first responders who heroically attended to the victims of this latest mass shooting and call on our nation to unite around solutions to stop the carnage. Message of the Day - Stop GOP Giveaways to the Rich The new GOP tax bill would explode the federal budget deficit by more than $1.5 trillion by slashing taxes for the rich and powerful, wealthy corporations and foreign investors—leaving working families to pay the tab. Working families would end up paying more taxes as the GOP seeks to end deductions for housing, state and local taxes, medical expenses and educational costs. Meanwhile, about one-third of the benefits of this tax plan—approximately $70 billion a year—would go directly to foreign investors who own shares in American companies, says an analysis by Steven Rosenthal at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. The AFL-CIO demands a tax code that works for working families while providing the resources necessary for America’s workers and businesses to compete and succeed on the world stage. Kitchen Table Economics None at all: That’s the benefit to our economy, job growth or wage benefits from cutting taxes on powerful corporations and the rich. Take Action No More Tax Breaks for Billionaires! Source: The Labor Wire, AFL-CIO...

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02 Nov Make Taxes Fair

The House GOP today released its plan to slash taxes for the rich by cutting services and taking money out of the pockets of working families. America’s labor movement will fight every attempt by President Trump and congressional leaders to give preference to millionaires and billionaires, and have hardworking people pay the tab. Message of the Day - Make Taxes Fair Eight ways the Republican tax bill will hurt working people: It would kill jobs. lt would give companies a huge tax break for outsourcing. It would pay for tax cuts with drastic cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and education. It still won't be paid for, so we can expect Republicans to demand more budget cuts that hurt working people in the future. It would increase taxes on many middle-class families, and most of its tax breaks would go to the top 1%. It would punish states that make the kind of investments that create good jobs. It would encourage high-income employees to avoid taxes by setting up pass-through businesses, robbing billions of dollars from Social Security and Medicare. It would tax long-term care for seniors and people with disabilities. It would kill construction jobs by limiting the mortgage interest deduction. Kitchen Table Economics 54 cents: The average amount Latina women are paid for every dollar made by white men. Take Action Hold the Line on Workplace Rights!                             Source: The Labor Wire, AFL-CIO...

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21 Oct The Orange County Labor Federation reaffirms its condemnation of sexual harassment as an illegal violation of human dignity.

To Whom It May Concern: We take all allegations of sexual assault and harassment seriously. The Orange County Labor movement is taking swift action to investigate any and all allegations that come forward. There is no place for sexual assault and harassment in our county, but it exists everywhere, as evidenced by the #metoo movement. We know that even though we fight against harassment on a daily basis, we are also not immune from it happening in our house. In Solidarity, Gilbert Davila President OCLF Press Statement    ...

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13 Oct Firefighters Define Heroism

As awful as it is to watch the destructive wildfires in California, it is just as inspiring to witness the selflessness and heroism of those fighting it. America’s firefighters define bravery by risking their lives to save others. After the fires, the entire labor movement will join in the efforts to rebuild the damaged communities. Message of the Day - Firefighters Define Heroism The deadliest wildfires in California history continue to rage, scorching thousands of acres across the northern part of the state. All told, more than 21 major fires driven by hot, dry winds have charred more than 191,000 acres since fires began on Sunday night. More than 3,500 homes have been burned. The causes of the fires remain under investigation. Kitchen Table Economics 31: That’s how many people have died in the recent California wildfires. Hundreds of people remain missing. Take Action Make trade work for workers!                       Source: The Labor Wire...

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Due to circumstances beyond our control, we unfortunately have to postpone the Fighting Right to Work Summit scheduled on October 31, 2017.  A new date and location will be announced shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact George Doctorian at 714.385.1534 should you have further questions. Thank you!  ...

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