Author: Kathia Canlas


20 Jul No Corporate Trade Deal!

The NAFTA objectives from President Donald Trump are a failure because they won’t protect jobs or raise wages. If the new North American Free Trade Agreement follows this lead, the deal will be just like the corporate-written ones Trump campaigned against during the election. The objectives would even allow Mexico and Canada to continue to bypass “Buy American” rules. Working people will fight for a good deal...

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18 Jul Our Priority is Good Jobs

Working people again have stopped Republican leaders from gutting health care to give more tax cuts to the rich and powerful. While remaining steadfast on health care, we also are looking to the next big policy fights. One will be over the federal budget. We will mobilize to defeat any proposal that hurts working families. Message of the Day—Our Priority Is Good Jobs The budget priorities of working people are simple. We want: Massive investments in America’s infrastructure, including mass transit, to create jobs, increase competitiveness and bring more workers into apprenticeship programs for a lifetime in the skilled trades. Long-term investment in public education, from pre-K through graduate schools, which includes basic research for the next generation of innovation. Expand Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to make sure more people have access to quality, affordable health care and a secure retirement. Kitchen Table Economics 38,000: That’s how many workers in Missouri have been cheated out of a raise by the Republican majority in the state legislature, which lowered the minimum wage in St. Louis from $10 an hour to $7.70 WTF (We Think It’s Funny) “Curses!” shouts fist-shaking Meals on Wheels ringleader as President Trump cuts off gravy train. Take Action Wall Street should pay its fair share!        ...

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17 Jul Make Trade Work

The U.S. Senate vote on health care faces a delay, as the White House kicks off a week long focus on “Made in America.” Working people await the release of the Trump administration’s negotiating principles on the North American Free Trade Agreement, expected as soon as today. If President Donald Trump is truly committed to America’s jobs and America’s workers, he will rewrite NAFTA so it works for working people. The AFL-CIO has put forward a comprehensive framework for doing exactly that. Message of the Day—Make Trade Work Here is how to rewrite NAFTA the right way: ✓ Open the process and give working people a seat at the table. ✓ Aggressively enforce workers’ rights and environmental standards. ✓ Eliminate special privileges for corporations. ✓ Prioritize good jobs and high wages. ✓ Safeguard democracy. Kitchen Table Economics $7,700: That’s what the average manufacturing worker lost in annual income after his or her job was outsourced because of NAFTA. Take Action Save good union jobs at AT&T. Source: Labor Wire...

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17 Jul Trump Budget National Call-In Day – Tuesday, July 18

While the Senate debates health care, House Republicans are working on a budget resolution that would give massive tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations, paid for by defunding core programs vital to working families and slashing the pay and benefits of federal employees. On Tuesday, July 18, our federal and postal unions are holding a National Call-In Day.  Please spread the word and encourage working people in your state or community to call their lawmakers at 844-669-5146 and tell them to reject this budget. ...

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14 Jul Hands Off Our Paid Sick Days

  Congresswoman Mimi Walters (CA-45) has been working with corporate and HR groups on national legislation that would create a voluntary threshold for paid sick days or flexible schedules - any employer who meets this federal threshold would NO LONGER HAVE TO COMPLY with state and local paid sick days laws and possibly others as well. This legislation would set a horrible precedent and negatively impact the health and well-being of our families and communities. They will pitch this bill as 'workplace flexibility,' but the employer gets to decide if the time you want would 'unduly disrupt' their business, and would likely have control over other factors as well. We need your help: Join us in calling on Rep. Walters to back down from promoting this legislation.   Call her office to say NO to the Corporate "Safe Harbor". Here is a phone script and number to call. When:  July 14, 2017 and July 21, 2017 Time: 10:00 AM Phone #: (949)263-8703 For more information, visit California Work & Family Coalition.  ...

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12 Jul Unity Works for America

In the midst of a stormy political summer, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers are staying focused on good jobs with a short documentary produced by PBS and narrated by James Earl Jones called “Made in America.” Check it out. The labor movement will never rest in our fight to make the American dream real for all workers. Message of the Day—Unity Works for America The American economy works best when working people get good pay and benefits, experts agree, because consumers drive 70% of our economy. Our economy isn’t like the weather. We can change it with activism on the job and through electoral politics. It’s time for working people to rewrite the economic rules so they work for all of us. We’re focused on pro-worker policies such as fair trade, good health care and the freedom to negotiate on the job. We’re also fighting to keep good jobs here at home and organizing to turn bad jobs into good ones. Kitchen Table Economics $204: That’s how much more working people earn per week when we join together to negotiate with our employers. WTF (We Think It’s Funny) Pros and cons of the gig economy. Take Action Call Your Senator for America’s Health Care! Source: Labor Wire...

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10 Jul Tomorrow 7/11/17: National Call-in Day to protect our healthcare!

The disastrous plan to cut healthcare coverage for millions so the wealthiest can get a tax break is headed back to the Senate floor for a vote. It's time to raise our voices together and demand our elected representatives vote NO on the "Better Care Reconciliation Act" (BCRA). Tomorrow, call toll-free at 866-426-2631. Tell them you will not stand for 22 million people losing insurance and cuts to Medicaid for children, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and people suffering with substance use and mental health conditions. We know our Senators in California oppose this reprehensible bill. Both Senator Harris and Senator Feinstein have said it's still helpful for them to hear from you, especially if you have a story about how the Affordable Care Act has helped you or your family. You may also be transferred to a member of the House who will have to vote on this bill. Already called? Please forward this to friends and family members and urge them to call, too! Key Messages for Calls: Ask your the elected representative to commit to vote “no” on the Better Care Reconciliation Act and any proposal that: Ends the Medicaid expansion at any point in time Destroys the Medicaid program as we know it by changing the structure through per capita caps or block grants Increases the number of people without health insurance Undermines protections for people with pre-existing conditions Don’t forget to share your story of how you, your loved ones, and your community would be affected if Congress cuts Medicaid and repeals the Affordable Care Act.  See a sample call script to help you contact your senators, courtesy of Families USA.    ...

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27 Jun Working families say: Solve America’s problems, don’t make more

The Senate Republican health care bill may use a little less gasoline than the House version, but it still sets fire to the health insurance of 22 million Americans, which is why it will go down in history as one of America’s worst pieces of legislation. Working families are united against it. Message of the Day—Working Families Say: Solve America’s Problems, Don’t Make More! The Senate health care scam would rip health insurance from 22 million working people. It takes Medicaid coverage from 15 million people—children with disabilities who need care at school, pregnant women and seniors receiving nursing home care or support to stay in the community. The bill gives about $1 trillion to corporations and the wealthiest 1% while imposing a tax on employer-sponsored health insurance and increasing out-of-pocket costs and taxes on working people. The Senate bill hurts everyone. If your insurance isn’t gone, you will have fewer protections and your premiums will climb as providers pass along their uncompensated care costs. Polls over the past few days say the Senate “wealthcare” bill has lowered President Donald Trump’s already dismal approval rating to 38% and pushed his disapproval rating up to 57%.   Kitchen Table Economics 6 months: If you don’t have insurance when you get sick or suffer an accident, that’s how long you’d have to wait for lifesaving health care—even if it kills you.   Take Action Stop Republican “wealthcare”!   Source: Labor Wire...

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22 Jun Secret ‘wealthcare’ bill is out, and it’s bad

June 22, 2017 Like the worst jack-in-the-box ever, the Senate health care bill popped out of a secretive Senate working group today. If it becomes law, it would throw millions off health insurance by cutting Medicaid deeply to give massive tax breaks to corporations and the wealthiest 1%. Now that we have the actual bill, working people will mount a massive effort to kill it. Message of the Day—Secret ‘Wealthcare’ Bill Is Out, Bad! Reckless Republican leaders in the Senate have produced this bill in unprecedented secrecy, hiding the fact that it would, for instance, throw patients out of nursing homes to give tax breaks to billionaires. This irresponsible bill will be incredibly unpopular. The House version is one of the least-liked pieces of legislation in history—only 8% thought it should become law. The Senate version is just as bad. The impact of this bill would be devastating. The health care of millions of Americans—from military veterans to young children, from the elderly to working families—hangs in the balance. Democratic and Republican legislators should come together to improve and expand health care—ending the tax on quality health plans, expanding Medicaid and lowering prescription drug costs. Kitchen Table Economics Two of every three: That’s the portion of Americans in nursing homes who are served by Medicaid, from which the Senate health bill would cut billions to give tax breaks to the wealthy. Take Action Protect America’s health! ...

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19 Jun Expand Medicaid! It works!

June 19, 2017 The American Health Care Act, which Republican leaders want to pass in the next two weeks, would kick seniors out of nursing homes to give tax breaks to corporate CEOs and the wealthiest 1%. A new video from the AFL-CIO lays out the facts about why each of us should call 888-865-8089 to tell our senators to vote NO on the AHCA. Message of the Day—Expand Medicaid! It Works! Medicaid saves seniors. Medicaid is one of the single best programs to help seniors afford nursing home care. Medicaid helps people stay at home longer. Medicaid helps seniors and people with significant disabilities stay at home by offering programs to bring health care directly to them. Medicaid protects children. Medicaid pays for nearly half of all childbirths in the United States and guarantees more than 30 million children access to medical care. People with special needs rely on Medicaid. Nearly 5 million children with special care needs, such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism, are covered by Medicaid and other public insurance. Kitchen Table Economics $80,000: That’s the typical cost of a year of nursing home care in a semiprivate room. WTF (We Think It’s Funny) Take Action Protect America’s health! ...

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