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25 Jan Orange County Labor Federation will continue to build power for working people and stand up against any injustice wherever it appears

Jan. 25, 2018 - Following an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, delegates for the Orange County Labor Federation on Thursday voted to terminate the employment of Executive Director Julio Perez effective immediately. The investigation was initiated in October following allegations posted on Face book as part of the #metoo movement regarding Mr. Perez's alleged conduct. OCLF hired an independent attorney to conduct the investigation, and that attorney reported credible testimony from multiple women whose allegations ranged from inappropriate comments to inappropriate sexual activity in the workplace and retaliation. Based on the findings and recommendations of the independent attorney investigator, OCLF took action to terminate Mr. Perez Thursday night in accordance with its bylaws. "There is no place for sexual harassment in the labor movement, and tonight's vote is consistent with the values union members fight for every day," said Jennifer Beuthin, who was designated under OCLF policies as the investigation's liaison. "Together, we will continue to build power for working people in Orange County, stand up against injustice wherever it appears, and remain a strong partner in the communities where we live and work." PDF...

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Due to circumstances beyond our control, we unfortunately have to postpone the Fighting Right to Work Summit scheduled on October 31, 2017.  A new date and location will be announced shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact George Doctorian at 714.385.1534 should you have further questions. Thank you!  ...

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08 Aug The War of Regulatory Protections

The New York Times recently looked into the Trump administration's “deregulation teams.” In February, President Donald Trump issued an executive order calling on each federal agency to form a team to dismantle regulations. According to the Times, the administration has tapped many industry insiders to lead the process. “In all, there are now 85 known current and former team members, including 34 with potential conflicts,” the Times reported. Allowing corporate cronies to deregulate their own industries is bad for working people. Message of the Day—The War on Regulatory Protections The Trump administration, along with the Republican leadership in Congress and their allies, has launched a war on regulation. These attacks threaten more than 50 years of labor, health, safety, financial, consumer, environmental and other laws and safeguards that have protected working people on the job and made Americans safer, healthier and more secure. The labor movement has been at the forefront of efforts to win the legal framework to ensure a fair, just society that protects workers and the public. We will fight to defend these hard-won gains. Kitchen Table Economics The number of worker safety protections the Trump administration has stopped from moving forward. Take Action Rewrite NAFTA so it works for workers.               Source: Labor Wire    ...

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17 Jul Make Trade Work

The U.S. Senate vote on health care faces a delay, as the White House kicks off a week long focus on “Made in America.” Working people await the release of the Trump administration’s negotiating principles on the North American Free Trade Agreement, expected as soon as today. If President Donald Trump is truly committed to America’s jobs and America’s workers, he will rewrite NAFTA so it works for working people. The AFL-CIO has put forward a comprehensive framework for doing exactly that. Message of the Day—Make Trade Work Here is how to rewrite NAFTA the right way: ✓ Open the process and give working people a seat at the table. ✓ Aggressively enforce workers’ rights and environmental standards. ✓ Eliminate special privileges for corporations. ✓ Prioritize good jobs and high wages. ✓ Safeguard democracy. Kitchen Table Economics $7,700: That’s what the average manufacturing worker lost in annual income after his or her job was outsourced because of NAFTA. Take Action Save good union jobs at AT&T. Source: Labor Wire...

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12 Jul Unity Works for America

In the midst of a stormy political summer, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers are staying focused on good jobs with a short documentary produced by PBS and narrated by James Earl Jones called “Made in America.” Check it out. The labor movement will never rest in our fight to make the American dream real for all workers. Message of the Day—Unity Works for America The American economy works best when working people get good pay and benefits, experts agree, because consumers drive 70% of our economy. Our economy isn’t like the weather. We can change it with activism on the job and through electoral politics. It’s time for working people to rewrite the economic rules so they work for all of us. We’re focused on pro-worker policies such as fair trade, good health care and the freedom to negotiate on the job. We’re also fighting to keep good jobs here at home and organizing to turn bad jobs into good ones. Kitchen Table Economics $204: That’s how much more working people earn per week when we join together to negotiate with our employers. WTF (We Think It’s Funny) Pros and cons of the gig economy. Take Action Call Your Senator for America’s Health Care! Source: Labor Wire...

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28 Mar Mike Garcia: A Legacy of Organizing

Posted in Blog: Labor Edge Mike Garcia: A Legacy of Organizing March 28, 2017 Fearless. That was Mike Garcia. In his nearly 40 years with the labor movement, Mike never backed down from a fight. He was fierce, passionate and unwaveringly committed to social and economic justice, especially for low-wage workers most in need of a voice on the job. Mike passed away over the weekend after an illness. Today, the entire California labor movement mourns his loss with his family, friends and brothers and sisters at SEIU-USWW. Mike’s career in labor began in 1980, organizing janitors in multiple cities. To Mike, organizing wasn’t a job; it was a calling. Immigrant janitors are among the workers most in danger of exploitation. Giving those workers a voice was the driving force of his career. As the leader of SEIU local 1877, Mike led success organizing campaigns for janitors at tech behemoths like Oracle and Apple.  In 2000, Mike led a three-week strike of janitors in Los Angeles, a bold action that led to dramatic gains for those workers and was the impetus for a powerful movement of low-wage workers in LA that continues to this day. Mike didn’t organize from behind a desk. He organized in the streets.  At the worksite.  At the homes of his members. It was a 24-hour, 365-day job. That’s what his members loved about him. He wasn’t just their leader. He was their friend. He was one of them. His fierce commitment to worker justice led to the expansion of Local 1877, and in 2010, Mike became the leader of a new 40,000-member strong statewide union representing property service workers, SEIU-USWW. Mike was also a powerful voice for all workers through his role on the Labor Federation’s executive council. Mike would challenge us to be bolder, to take risks and to never forget that at the core, we’re all organizers. His leadership helped unions lead the fight to defeat Meg Whitman in 2010, electing Jerry Brown as Governor. While there were many things to admire about Mike – his tenacity, his drive, his strategic mind, his compassion – his legacy is grounded in his ability to get his members to believe that anything is possible when they stand together to take on powerful forces aligned against them. Under Mike’s leadership, a union of immigrants rose to become one of the strongest voices for worker rights and social justice in the state of California. Those members believed in Mike, and Mike got them to believe in themselves, no matter the odds. Mike was a friend. He was a brother. And he was one hell of an organizer. While we mourn his passing, we know his spirit lives on in the hearts of every immigrant and worker who organized for justice. It lives on with every family lifted out of poverty because they got a union on the job. It lives on through the social justice movements Mike helped build, that gave voice to the voiceless and power to the exploited and vulnerable. We’ll miss you dearly, Mike. There will never be another like you. — In lieu of flowers, Mike’s wishes were for contributions to be made to the “Building Skills Partnership” C/O Mike Garcia Scholarship Fund 828 West Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90015 in order to help SEIU members’ children attend college.  (Tax deductible )  For more info, please email info@buildingskills.org Information on services for Mike Garcia: TBA Posted in Blog: Labor Edge ...

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28 Sep AMIN DAVID – A Celebration of His Life & Legacy!

AMIN DAVID - A Celebration of His Life & Legacy! Please join us to celebrate Amin's incredible life, his journey, and his legacy! WHEN:  Sunday, October 2, 2016 - 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  - 3:00 p.m. Special Tribute WHERE:  Anaheim High School, Cook Auditorium, 811 W. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, CA 92805 HOW:  If you can, we ask that you wear a Guayabera or rebozo in honor of Amin! WHAT:  At the event, you will have the opportunity to write a personal note or record a brief video message that will be shared with Amin’s family. Light refreshments and entertainment will be provided to complement this celebration. We look forward to seeing you, your loved ones and friends! RSVP  ...

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FOOD DRIVE FOR VETERANS Sept. 26 – Nov. 10, 2016 Help veterans who have done so much for us. Bring your non-perishable food items to the Orange County Labor Federation at 309 N. Rampart St., Orange, 92868 during business hours. You can also bring your food donations to the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa on Nov. 11, 2016. It’s the biggest Veterans Day celebration in Orange County! What can you donate? • Canned and instant soups, pastas, and canned fruits and vegetable...

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29 Jul Put an End to Unequal Treatment of Farm Workers!

Since 1938, farm workers have been denied overtime pay that every other worker gets feeding America. Truck drivers, food processors, grocery workers and restaurant workers all handle the food farm workers harvest, yet farm workers are the only ones denied overtime pay when they work more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. Join the UFW to support overtime pay for farm workers! When:     Monday, August 1, 2016 Time:      12:00 PM Where:    2400 East Katella Ave., Suite 640 Anaheim, CA 92806 For more information, call Michelle Teran at 714.717.0633  ...

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