Delegate Of The Year


Patricia was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. When she was very young she worked in the strawberry fields as a picker here in California. Her family migrated here to Los Angeles, California they came here for a better living. She is the youngest of three siblings; she has one sister and one brother.  She is a single parent to a wonderful son and granddaughter, who are the love of her life.

She has worked at the Orange County Probation Department since 2001, as a Data Entry Technician. She helps her clerical coworkers with union representation and advice at her work site.

She is a Steward at OCEA, her union, which represents over 18,000 government employees and has been a member since 2001. Her participation includes being a member of the Steward advisory Committee.  She also does precinct walking  telephone banking, on behalf of political candidates who support the unions.

Patricia is also a delegate for the Orange County Labor Federation.  She likes to volunteer in order to make a positive difference and has made a commitment to fight for social justice and respect in the workplace. She stands together with various labor unions in  solidarity with the labor movement.

Another of her activities is being a member of CLUWOC (Coalition of Labor Union Women of Orange County Chapter).

Her belief that everyone should have rights, whether documented or not, is very strong.  Patricia has never forgotten that she, too, was once an immigrant.

She has also participated in women’s marches. She believes women’s rights are human rights!

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her son and granddaughter. Patricia’s  hobbies are attending Dodgers’ games, cooking and listening to music.  Her favorite     singers are Vicente Fernandez and  Ramon Ayala. She also likes to dance salsa and travel to her home town in Guadalajara to visit her family.

Patricia is very proud to be a member and a   Steward of Orange County Employees Association (OCEA).  She would like to extend a special thank you to her mentor, OCEA Organizing Director Tim Steed, for believing in her and training her.



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