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Orange County Labor Federation

Orange County Labor Federation Local Endorsements

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The Orange County Labor Federation, representing more than 200,000 working men and women, released a list of endorsed candidates for municipal and school board races for the upcoming election as well as county measures.  Click here for the entire list.

The Orange County Labor Federation's Committee on Political Education held endorsement interviews earlier this month. Candidates from all across the county came to seek endorsement from the Federation which represents more than 96 local unions.  

" We look for strong individuals who will stand with working families, who won't compromise on worker safety, outsourcing of public service or quality education," said Julio Perez, Political Director to the Orange County Labor Federation.

Along with electing labor candidates, the Federation will work tirelessly to defeat Proposition 32.  The Special Exemptions Act on the November ballot, backed by corporate executives and Orange County millionaires, would eliminate the voice of unions in politics.  

Far more deceptive than what labor faced with Prop. 226 and Prop. 75 in previous years,  Prop. 32 claims "Campaign Finance Reform," when, in reality, it creates loopholes and exemptions for corporate special interests to influence elections. "This isn't just about union members, this is an attack on all workers. United with the California Labor Federation, our affiliates and our volunteers, we are ready to defeat this measure in November," said Julio Perez.

For Federal and State Endorsement list, click here.