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Orange County Labor Federation

Meet IATSE 504 member Martin Sopha

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Martin Sopha joined us this afternoon to call fellow union members about Prop. 32.  "I wanted to become more politically active with my union, so when I heard about the Federation and about Prop 32 from my co-worker, I had to join the campaign." 

Martin Sopha works as a stage hand at Disneyland, behind the scenes working various shows. 

"Our work is very dangerous." If this proposition passes, our worker rights are out the window.  A safe work environment, the 8 hour work day, our benefits will be under attack." 

Martin Sopha has joined us several times this week to phone bank and has pledged to talk to others and recruit volunteers to to join the Federation's effort to defeat Prop. 32. Join Martin and your union brothers and sisters this Saturday as we go door to door to fight for our voice!

Join us this Saturday and every Saturday until Election Day!
9:00 AM- 1:00 PM
309 N. Rampart St. Suite A.
Orange, CA 92868