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Orange County Labor Federation


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Q. When was the Orange County Labor Federation founded?

A. The labor federation was first founded in 1920 under the name Orange County Central Labor Council and later re-chartered again in 1957 by the AFL-CIO.

Q. What is the Orange County Labor Federation?

A. The Orange County Labor Federation represents over a hundred and forty thousand working men and women.  the Orange County Labor Federation strives to better the lives of all working men and women.  In 2008, the federation was honored by the California Labor Federation as one of the highest performing labor councils.  In addition the federation has been singled out as an "agent for change" at the California Labor Federation's biannual convention.

Q. What is a union?

A. A union is a group of workers joined to protect and improve their working conditions. Unions collectively organize to gain:

  • Respect on the job
  • Better wages casino spiele and benefits
  • More flexibility for work and family needs
  • A counter balance to the unchecked power of employers
  • A voice in improving the quaility of their lives

The Wagner Act of 1935 was created by Congress to protect workers' right to unionization. Unions give workers a voice on the job.  Without a union, workers may be subject to exploitation and unfair labor practices.

The working conditions for Americans today is credited to the work of unions. Because of the organized labor movement, many laws were enacted to improve working conditions.  Unions pushed to pass the minimum wage, the eight hour day and weekend, the creation of Social Security, and the end to child labor to name a few.  

Q. How do I get involved with the labor federation?

A. You can join the labor movement in Orange County many different ways!

  • Volunteer or intern at the Labor Federation. We are always looking for vibrant, hard working individuals committed to social justice and advocates for working families.
  • All our events are open to the public. Check our calendar for the latest event.
  • Get active by joining our email list and receive updates on all labor issues in Orange County.