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21 Dec Art Pulaski on GOP Tax Scam: We won’t forget this betrayal

California Labor Movement Blasts GOP Members of Congress for Selling Out Working People with Tax Vote Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski December 20, 2017 It’s a travesty that GOP members of Congress chose to mortgage California’s future to provide a huge gift to the big corporations and wealthy out-of-state donors who fund their campaigns. Analysis after analysis confirms this bill is a disaster for California. It triggers automatic cuts to Medicare, undermines the Affordable Care Act, imperils Social Security, and increases taxes for many middle-class and low-income families just to give the wealthiest among us yet another undeserved advantage. It’s no surprise that this awful bill is deeply unpopular. For weeks, constituents have been protesting at the California offices of GOP members of Congress only to have their concerns fall upon deaf ears. There was a constellation of reasons for California members to vote ‘no’ yet nearly all of California’s GOP delegation marched in lockstep with President Trump and the corporate lobbyists and DC politicians doing his bidding. Due to a procedural error as a result of the GOP ramming this bill down the throats of Americans without due diligence, the House will vote again tomorrow. While I’d like to think California Republicans might develop a conscience overnight, we know better. Once in the pocket of corporate special interests, always in the pocket of corporate special interests. Californians have a long memory. We won’t forget this betrayal at the hands of GOP congressmembers who sold us out for the most cynical of political reasons. The California labor movement is 100 percent committed to holding every California GOP member of Congress accountable for this vote. We’ll be talking to voters every day to ensure that Election Day 2018 is a day of reckoning for the politicians who chose to give their wealthy donors a huge gift at the expense of the hard-working families in their districts.     *Posted in Blog: Labor EdgeTagged GOP Tax Scam ...

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14 Dec Stop the GOP tax scam

THE LABOR WIRE December 14, 2017 Republican politicians should listen to the voters of Alabama, seat Doug Jones, stop their historically unpopular tax bill with its handouts to corporations and the super-rich, and start working for the good of regular working families and our communities. Message of the Day—Stop the GOP Tax Scam The Republican tax scam would make working people pay for wasteful tax giveaways, at the expense of our jobs, health care and infrastructure. The GOP tax bill is a massive handout to the rich. The richest 0.1% would get an average tax cut of more than $182,000, and 62% of the tax breaks in the Senate bill would go to the richest 1%. Tax bills for working families will rise. Some 87 million households making under $200,000 would pay more in taxes by 2027. The Republican plan will no longer tax any overseas corporate profits at all, which is a huge incentive to send America’s jobs offshore. Working people would lose health care. Premiums would rise 10% for millions of people, 13 million people would lose their health insurance entirely and 15,000 more people would die every year. Meanwhile, Republicans want to cut Medicaid and Medicare by $1.5 trillion—the same price tag as their tax bill. Congress should make corporations and the rich pay their fair share of taxes, so we can invest in our shared priorities: good jobs and a strong future for our families and communities. Kitchen Table Economics More than $30,000: That’s the size of the tax break per child that the GOP tax bill would give to rich families who send their children to private school, even as the bill attacks funding for public education and ends a modest $600 tax break for public school teachers who buy equipment and materials for the classroom. Take Action Save our jobs! Reject the GOP tax scam!                   Source:  The Labor Wire, AFL-CIO - December 14, 2017...

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