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08 Sep Unity is American

The Labor Wire Working people across America are united in our concern for the people affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. These storms are shaking the foundation of our world. Union members continue to give our time, labor and hard-earned money so damaged communities can recover. We won't stop until the work is done, even as we pray for everyone in the path of the storms. Message of the Day  - Unity Is American America's working  people stand together in the hardest times, such as this past week when utility and public service workers labored selflessly to maintain and rebuild vital water, sewage and electrical systems as Hurricane Harvey flooded Texas. Working people in Florida are preparing to do the same today. America's working people are the backbone of our nation. We are its beating heart. After we work to save and rebuild the lives affected by these storms, we will rebuild our communities by standing in unity and negotiating together with our employers for a better life. Kitchen Table Economics 63%: That's how many Americans don't have enough in savings to cover a $500 emergency, which is one reason why disasters like hurricanes punish working families so hard. Take Action Give to the Texas Workers Relief Fund!       Source: The Labor Wire...

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29 Aug We stand with Texas

“As Hurricane Harvey and its remnants bring unprecedented flooding and damage to a huge portion of Texas, working people in the state are going above and beyond their duties to help one another,” Texas AFL-CIO President John Patrick said. Message of the Day—We Stand with Texas The top priority of all working people in Texas and around the country is saving everybody whose lives are endangered by the unparalleled devastation of Hurricane Harvey. It’s always amazing, but never surprising, to see and hear of the heroic lengths that infrastructure, utility, first responders and public service workers go to in protecting and maintaining life-saving systems in nearly impossible situations. Working people everywhere applaud the selfless efforts of people helping each other as drenching rain continues to fall, and we pray for those still in danger. The AFL-CIO stands prepared to do all it can to assist the people of Texas in this difficult time, now and in the rebuilding to come. Kitchen Table Economics 1.3 million: That’s how many homes in and around Houston that likely don’t have flood insurance, even as the remnants of Hurricane Harvey dump more rain in a few days than the area gets in a typical year. Take Action Join the effort for Texas!       *Source: Labor Wire...

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