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18 Jan Real people get hurt

The Labor Wire President Donald Trump should stop playing politics with our livelihoods and get out of the way as responsible lawmakers work toward a deal to keep vital government services, extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program and protect immigrants, including nearly 1 million brought to America as children. Enough with the shutdowns! Working people want progress! Message of the Day—Real People Get Hurt! Instead of more political chaos, Americans are rightly demanding that our elected leaders keep the government open, protect immigrant workers and fund a bipartisan program for children’s health care. Federal government shutdowns are dangerous and costly. The last time Congress shut down the government for 16 days in 2013, it caused 120,000 fewer jobs to be created in the private sector. Additional fallout from the 2013 government shutdown included: Hundreds of cancer patients who couldn’t enroll in clinical trials. Delayed food inspections by the Food and Drug Administration. The Environmental Protection Agency stopped cleanup at 62% of superfund sites. Veterans with disabilities who couldn’t make benefit claims. Head Start programs that shut their doors. Kitchen Table Economics 122: That’s how many DACA recipients lose work permits and risk getting fired and deported every day that Congress fails to pass a fix for immigrants brought to America as children. Take Action Protect immigrant workers!                   Source: The Labor Wire, AFL-CIO...

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24 Mar Become an Organizer

Orange County Labor Federation, AFL-CIO Organizer Working people are fighting back to raise wages and restore basic benefits. The Orange County Labor Federation is seeking to hire an Organizer who will work with affiliates to reach out to workers, build community support for strong unions and experiment with new forms of organizing. Day to day, Organizers seek and grow opportunities to test new tactics and strategies designed to build power among workers. Focused on building power both on and off-line, the Organizer will mentor new leaders and develop action teams, empowering them to build real, lasting power in their workplace and community. The OCLF’s Organizing Department collaborates with Local unions on strategic organizing campaigns and employs media, community, legislative, political, regulatory, legal, bargaining and other lawful forms of pressure to support worker organizing efforts. The Organizer works on strategic organizing campaigns under the supervision of the Executive Director and works day to day with project lead(s) to accomplish assignments. Our ideal candidate will have: A well-rounded understanding of the labor movement. Experience as a union organizer. The skills and drive to experiment with new forms of organizing and building power. A strong desire to contribute to the collective understanding of what it takes to move workers on wage and benefit issues. An open mind to try new organizing strategies and tactics. Reports to: Executive Director Duties: Reach out to workers/community to identify or stimulate interest in organizing through direct contact (site canvassing, tabling, workplace outreach, etc.). Follow up with members flagged by the canvass or member coordinator as having workplace problems or concerns. Take advantage of interest in organizing including: Building communities of interest by workplace, industry, or geography. Moving workers up a ladder of engagement including use of one-on-ones, small group meetings, and phone outreach. Other duties as assigned.  Qualifications: Previous experience and familiarity with all aspects of union/community organizing campaigns required. Knowledge of national and local structures of the labor movement. Familiarity with new forms of organizing. Critical thinking and analysis skills. Ability to work both collaboratively and independently. Ability to represent the OCLF to a variety of allies and audiences. Strong writing and verbal skills. Basic computer skills, including Microsoft Word and Excel. Online organizing experience or familiarity. Bi-lingual (English, Spanish or Vietnamese) Some travel required. Must be able to work irregular and long hours.  Location: Orange, CA  Position Type: Full-time To apply, send your resume, cover letter and references to: Joline Cruz, Orange County Labor Federation, 309 N. Rampart Street, Suite A, Orange, CA 92868, or email The position is open until filled.  To learn more about the Orange County Labor Federation, visit *PDF   ...

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