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17 Nov Make trade work for workers

THE LABOR WIRE AFL-CIO As negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement resume today, it has never been clearer that working people must transform this trade agreement, which is actually more of an investment agreement to outsource jobs, into a good trade agreement meant to increase wages and create better jobs. America’s labor movement is committed to making trade work for working people. Message of the Day - Make Trade Work for Workers As the NAFTA negotiations reach a crossroads, a few good proposals have been outweighed by bad ones, including: Making prescription medicine more expensive. Leaving personal information such as Social Security numbers and employment history unprotected by changing rules on cross-border data flow. Ending country-of-origin labels for pork and beef. As bad as those proposals are, the failure to bring forward good reforms is even worse. The most important is the absence of new rules to protect worker freedoms so people can form unions and negotiate for better pay and benefits. It’s time for America’s trade agreements to level the playing field between workers and corporations by ensuring that all three NAFTA countries abide by basic international labor standards so all workers can form or join unions to negotiate to raise wages. Working families are fighting to make NAFTA benefit working people, not just corporations and the rich. Kitchen Table Economics 930,000: That’s how many jobs corporate CEOs have shipped away from the United States by using the investor-friendly outsourcing rules under NAFTA. Take Action Tell Congress to oppose NAFTA rules that encourage corporate power grabs Multinational corporations are trying to make sure that the new North American Free Trade Agreement includes a way for them to sue our government if it passes laws that protect working people that conflict with the companies' ability to turn a better profit. Working families have borne the brunt of this terrible trade deal for the past 25 years. Our next trade agreement cannot be made without taking working people into account.                   Source: The Labor Wire, AFL-CIO...

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11 Sep Train, Build and Invest

The Labor Wire This 16th anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil finds a nation facing the long road of recovering from not one but two hurricanes. This is a good time for all of us to remember those who died 16 years ago, for all who gave their lives for our nation and for the first responders who so selflessly respond to every disaster and crisis. Message of the Day—Train, Build and Invest America’s answer to the devastation of hurricanes and torrential rains in the flood-swept Southeast and Gulf Coast should be massive investments to rebuild, yes, but also to prepare America for a prosperous future. The AFL-CIO has long advocated for heavy-duty investments in America’s infrastructure, money measured not by the billion but the trillion. Massive infrastructure investments will do more than put Band-Aids on the afflicted regions. The right investments will revitalize the areas torn by wind and water—and also the rest of our country—creating millions of good-paying jobs from coast to coast, spurring investment in America’s domestic manufacturing and laying the groundwork for a whole new generation of innovative private industries. The time to invest is now. The cost is low. The need is high. And with prevailing wage rules and apprenticeship training, these investments will lift up long-neglected communities and help women, veterans and people of color acquire skills and rewarding careers. Kitchen Table Economics $300,000: That’s how much more, on average, an American worker earns who has completed an apprenticeship program, over his or her lifetime. Take Action Give to the Texas Workers Relief Fund! Source: The Labor Wire...

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12 Jul Unity Works for America

In the midst of a stormy political summer, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers are staying focused on good jobs with a short documentary produced by PBS and narrated by James Earl Jones called “Made in America.” Check it out. The labor movement will never rest in our fight to make the American dream real for all workers. Message of the Day—Unity Works for America The American economy works best when working people get good pay and benefits, experts agree, because consumers drive 70% of our economy. Our economy isn’t like the weather. We can change it with activism on the job and through electoral politics. It’s time for working people to rewrite the economic rules so they work for all of us. We’re focused on pro-worker policies such as fair trade, good health care and the freedom to negotiate on the job. We’re also fighting to keep good jobs here at home and organizing to turn bad jobs into good ones. Kitchen Table Economics $204: That’s how much more working people earn per week when we join together to negotiate with our employers. WTF (We Think It’s Funny) Pros and cons of the gig economy. Take Action Call Your Senator for America’s Health Care! Source: Labor Wire...

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