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26 Jun Join together to get ahead

The Labor Wire June 26, 2018   On the eve of a likely ruling against workers in Janus v. AFSCME, leading economists continue to say unions are the best tool to raise pay and standards for working people. A recent paper by Henry Farber, Daniel Herbst, Ilyana Kuziemko and Suresh Naidu draws on a huge number of data sources and concludes that as unionization rises, inequality falls. This news comes just as a major study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology finds that the portion of the American workforce who would vote today to join or form a union jumped by an unprecedented 50%, as more and more of us realize that standing together is the best way to get ahead. Message of the Day -- Join Together to Get Ahead --   When workers use our collective power, we can demand and win better pay and access to health care and retirement security. Over the past 40 years, as CEOs and their politicians have rigged the economy against working people and made it harder to join together in unions, our economic mobility has suffered. Workers, especially young people, have begun to realize the importance of solidarity as an answer to the economic worries that keep us up at night, things like student debt, the high cost of housing and low pay. Economists, too, are turning away from bankrupt free market fantasies and back toward ideas that work, like collective bargaining, which allow us to stand together and get a fair share of what we produce. This is good news for America’s working people, because we want new economic rules so our families and communities can thrive. Kitchen Table Economics   68%: That’s how many workers between the ages of 18 and 29 see unions favorably, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center.   Take Action   Stand together for working people’s freedom!               Source:  The Labor Wire, AFL-CIO   June 26, 2018...

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31 May Jobs, jobs, jobs

The Labor Wire May 31, 2018 Washington often misses the big picture by focusing on narrow details, like the monthly jobs report due out tomorrow from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This month’s numbers will likely continue a trend of modest job growth dating back to the administration of President Barack Obama, which pundits say is a success. Not so fast. We demand a robust program to create millions of jobs coupled with a $15 minimum wage, so regular working people can work hard to get ahead for a change. Message of the Day - Jobs, Jobs, Jobs The monthly jobs reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics have put the unemployment rate in the 4% range for months, which might sound rosy to some people. Yet more than 1.3 million unemployed workers in America have been looking fruitlessly for work for more than six months, and 5 million workers are stuck in part-time jobs while looking for full-time work. Wages for too many of us have remained stubbornly low. America’s working people demand better. We want federal and state legislation to lift the minimum wage to $15 an hour and index it to the median wage. We want new appointments to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to be committed to full employment, which has been a sidelined priority of the Federal Reserve for far too long, and we want full employment to be measured by the growth of real wages in line with productivity. We want budget and tax policies that prioritize full employment and good-paying jobs, including massive and sustained investments in America’s infrastructure. The AFL‑CIO is committed to building power for a new set of economic rules so working people can earn rising pay and good benefits.   Kitchen Table Economics 20%: That’s how much less millennial workers earn when compared to the wages brought home by baby boomers at the same age.   Take Action Join a union! ...

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30 May We’ll vote for you if you fight for us

IThe Labor Wire May 30, 2018 The negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement have continued past House Speaker Paul Ryan’s arbitrary deadline, which puts them squarely into the electoral season as we head toward the midterm elections in November. Working people won’t lift a finger for candidates who want bad trade, but we will move heaven and earth for candidates who embrace our vision and values and fight for our jobs and communities.  - Message of the Day -We’ll Vote for You if You Fight for Us It’s only 159 days until the midterm elections in November, and working people are paying attention to who’s talking about our agenda. It’s time for candidates to talk about the need for good trade deals that work for working people, not for Wall Street. The AFL‑CIO supports the premise of renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, but we reject the idea that the struggle is between Mexico, the United States and Canada. The real fight is between workers and corporate interests, which is why we support ideas that will improve the lives of working people throughout North America. We want strong rules to protect the freedom of workers to form powerful and independent unions, and we want those rules to have teeth. We also want trade rules to protect democracy and the environment, and to get rid of corporate giveaways, starting with the private corporate courts (ISDS) where investors get to write their own rules. America’s working people are ready to fight for and win a new set of economic rules, so we can win good pay and benefits and so our communities can thrive.  Kitchen Table Economics  $2.25 per hour: That’s how much autoworkers earn at a plant in central Mexico, where they make $40,000 SUVs to be sold in the United States. The pay is low because of so-called “protection” contracts signed long before the plants opened, which make it harder for workers in the United States and Canada to negotiate for better pay and benefits. Take Action Join the fight for good trade!    Source:  The Labor Wire, AFL-CIO   May 30, 2018    ...

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