We’ll vote for you if you fight for us


The Labor Wire

May 30, 2018

The negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement have continued past House Speaker Paul Ryan’s arbitrary deadline, which puts them squarely into the electoral season as we head toward the midterm elections in November.

Working people won’t lift a finger for candidates who want bad trade, but we will move heaven and earth for candidates who embrace our vision and values and fight for our jobs and communities. 


– Message of the Day –

We’ll Vote for You if You Fight for Us

It’s only 159 days until the midterm elections in November, and working people are paying attention to who’s talking about our agenda. It’s time for candidates to talk about the need for good trade deals that work for working people, not for Wall Street.

The AFL‑CIO supports the premise of renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, but we reject the idea that the struggle is between Mexico, the United States and Canada.

The real fight is between workers and corporate interests, which is why we support ideas that will improve the lives of working people throughout North America.

We want strong rules to protect the freedom of workers to form powerful and independent unions, and we want those rules to have teeth. We also want trade rules to protect democracy and the environment, and to get rid of corporate giveaways, starting with the private corporate courts (ISDS) where investors get to write their own rules.

America’s working people are ready to fight for and win a new set of economic rules, so we can win good pay and benefits and so our communities can thrive. 


Kitchen Table Economics


$2.25 per hour: That’s how much autoworkers earn at a plant in central Mexico, where they make $40,000 SUVs to be sold in the United States. The pay is low because of so-called “protection” contracts signed long before the plants opened, which make it harder for workers in the United States and Canada to negotiate for better pay and benefits.





Source:  The Labor Wire, AFL-CIO   May 30, 2018





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