Stand with Kaiser Workers

Stand with Kaiser Workers

October 4th – October 6th 75,000 Kaiser workers will be striking here in California across the entire state. This will be the largest healthcare worker strike in United States history, and we are asking our elected leaders, community members and labor allies to stand with us and walk the picket line on solidarity day October 5th and show support on social media as soon as you can. 

THE STRIKE IS IMINENT at Kaiser Permanente! Earlier this month locals from the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions (CKPU) voted 98% in favor of a ULP strike. The CKPU has continued to meet and bargain in good faith with Kaiser executives to meet the economic needs of our members and the patient care needs of the communities we serve. Our priorities have been clear from the beginning, our goals have been to solve the patient care crises by raising the standard of living for healthcare workers, ensuring that we can retain current workers and recruit new ones, and walk out with a contract that ensures our members are able to work and live with dignity. 

Kaiser has failed to come to the table with proposals that meet the needs of our members and patients, offering pay increases that do not meet the economic needs of our members, many of whom are just one paycheck away from not making rent for the month. Kaiser executives insist their workers are paid enough and do not want to except the reality of their working-class frontline employees. Kaiser has doubled down on outsourcing our union jobs to non-union workers from outside agencies. Kaiser also refuses to treat frontline workers and management equally when it comes to the annual performance goals of our labor management partnership. 

For the first time since the Labor Management Partnership was established 25 years ago Kaiser executives have forced us to go out on a ULP strike.

Below is a social media tool kit with a unified message and hashtags that can be used on all your socials. If you post, please share the link with us so that our members can see that you stand with them. 

There is a picket line near you!

In Orange County we have two locations:                                

Kaiser Anaheim Medical Center 

3440 E La Palma Ave Anaheim CA 92806

5:30am – 6:30pm 


Kaiser Irvine Medical Center 

6640 Alton Pkwy Irvine CA 92618

5:30 am – 6:30pm 

Just look for hundreds of workers in purple!

We look forward to seeing you on the picket line. Please reach out and let us know you are attending and remember to post on your social media. 

For Questions please call Gabriel Montoya 

(213) 491-3490 or

Social Media Toolkit 


  1. Post to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook
  2. Post one of the images OR an image with you and Kaiser Permanente workers/SEIU-UHW members
  3. Include one of the share texts with all the appropriate account tags and hashtags.


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#United4All #ISupportKaiserWorkers


Rising inflation & housing costs have left many healthcare workers unable to afford to live in the communities they serve. CA needs valued & properly compensated caregivers. Kaiser needs to do better & come to the bargaining table in good faith. @KPthrive #United4All #ISupportKaiserWorkers

A healthcare worker strike right now is the last thing our communities need. I urge Kaiser Permanente to stop their unfair labor practices and bargain in good faith! @KPthrive #United4All #ISupportKaiserWorkers

I have been dismayed to hear stories of workers chronically understaffed and the heartbreaking impacts on patient care. Kaiser can afford to do better and must come to the table in good faith to avoid a strike. @KPthrive #United4All #ISupportKaiserWorkers

Given Kaiser’s profitability ($3.2 billion in the first 6 months of 2023 alone), they can well afford to meet the staffing challenges & patient care crisis facing our state. I urge Kaiser to meet the demands of frontline healthcare workers. @KPthrive #United4All #ISupportKaiserWorkers

I’m urging Kaiser to bargain fairly with the CKPU for a new National Agreement that raises workers’ wages to keep up with the cost of living. Our healthcare workers deserve to be properly compensated for keeping our communities healthy! @KPthrive #United4All #ISupportKaiserWorkers

Healthcare workers are leaving the industry in alarming numbers, and our population is aging. Kaiser can do something about the patient care crisis. Bargain in good faith & put a stop to the impending strike. @KPthrive #United4All #ISupportKaiserWorkers

California loses more healthcare workers than it gains, and the short staffing crisis is impacting patient care. Kaiser Permanente can afford to do the right thing and bargain a contract that respects frontline workers. @KPthrive #United4All #ISupportKaiserWorkers

Fair wages for healthcare workers are critical to delivering high quality & accessible health care to the nearly 10 million Californians enrolled in Kaiser health plans. @KPthrive stop dragging your feet and bargain in good faith! #United4All #ISupportKaiserWorkers