The Orange County Labor Federation (OCLF) represents more than ninety local unions from every sector of the labor movement with a membership of more than 200,000 working men and women. The Orange County Labor Federation strives to better the lives of all workers. Chartered in 1929 by the AFL-CIO, the Federation is the official regional body that brings together unions from different sectors to fight for decent wages, safe working conditions, strong communities, and upward mobility for our communities.

The OCLF Immigration Services targets to assist immigrant communities in Orange County and provides support with the following services:


  • Citizenship Application (N-400)
  • Citizenship Fee Waivers
  • Power of Attorney Letters
  • Information about resources abroad if deported
  • Know your Rights Workshops
  • Attorney Referrals
  • Notary Services

The OCLF seeks to help families and connect them with services they need while ensuring that our communities understand the immigration process.

All services and resources are provided at 309 N. Rampart Street, Suite A, Orange, CA 92868, from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Please call 714.385.1534 for an appointment.