“There is a universal health insurance, ask for it, it will help you” (anonymous, 50, deported in 2011)


“Do not throw your immigration documents will serve you a lot, if you do not bring documents, be careful with the police” (anonymous, 43, deported in 2015)”Stay in hostels so you do not spend money” (anonymous, 46, deported in 2015)


“Ask for support for the ticket to your place of origin if you think you will be better” (anonymous, 47, deported in 2013)


“Reflect on everything that has been done and create a foundation to be able to follow another path. Because the bitterness, resentment, anger and losses will not be able to solved if they do not seek personal reasoning within themselves to be able to get ahead “(Javier Guzmán, 65 years deported in 2011)


“The first thing you have to do is to get your Mexican documents, go to the DIF for an identification that accredits you as Mexican, while you get a copy of your birth certificate” (Miguel Iñiguez, 45, deported in 2012)


“Try to contact your family, some institutions and hostels can help you to contact them” (anonymous, 38, deported in 2014)


“If you were deported, and it was not a voluntary departure, and you are caught again trying to re-enter it is 7 years that they can give you of prison time, it many years, think about it” (anonymous, 52, deported in 2008)


“If you plan to stay in the city you have to visit the module of attention to the migrant of the DIF that is in Zona Centro, next to the Desayunador Salesiano del Padre Chava, located between the Second Street and Ocampo. There you can acquire the Official Temporary Credential. This identification is valid for 30 days and is offered to all migrants repatriated from the United States and that present the original deportation letter issued by INAMI with a validity of no more than 6 months. They will also provide support in the processing of your CURP and birth certificates. They will give you a package of hygienic products and food if necessary “(Omar, son of Deportado, 37 years old)





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