Need a reason to vote? It’s simple, really.

Working people, whether we’re teachers or firefighters, grocery clerks or bricklayers, need a seat at the table if we’re going to be able to put food on the table for our families. Our seat at the table comes from making our voices heard on Election Day.

This year’s election will have a direct impact on our jobs, schools, families and future.

We need to make sure every worker in California understands the stakes this election.

Here’s four simple things you can do to ensure we have a seat at the table when important decisions are made about our jobs, wages and schools.

  1. Find a vote center or a secured ballot dropbox
  2. Make a plan to vote.  Ask your family and friends to make a plan.
  3. Find the local and state labor-endorsed candidates who are committed to supporting working families
  4. Volunteer for a  GOTV virtual phone bank & lit drop by calling 714.385.1534

Voting is a fundamental right in a democracy. If we give up that right, we lose our seat at the table. And we know what happens then…we end up on the corporate CEOs’ menu.

It’s time to Get out the Vote! Join millions of other working people on Election Day to make our voices heard!

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